Homestay application explanation

FOCUS Homestays are available to Portland State University students and scholars.  If you are a PSU student or scholar, please submit an application 30 days or more before you want the homestay to begin.

If you are not a Portland State University student or scholar, it is unlikely that we would be able to offer you a homestay.  Please contact us before applying. We will review your situation and then tell you whether or not you should apply.

FOCUS Homestays are for PSU international students and scholars who

  • need temporary housing.
  • wish to live with an American family to improve their English or gain a deeper experience of American culture.

FOCUS Homestays is run by volunteers, so there is no placement fee. An agency should not charge you a fee for placing you in a FOCUS Homestay.

Payments are to be made directly to your host family. A Residency Agreement may be required which  specifies:

  • the cost,
  • the due date,
  • what is provided by the host family and
  • the responsibilities of the homestay guest.

You and your host family should complete this form soon after you move in. You and your host family should also read and discuss our Guide to Living in an American Home soon after you arrive.

IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING PAYMENT: If at all possible, your payments should be made by personal check or bank check made payable to the host family. Your host family should not ask for cash. The host family should give you a receipt showing the date received, the amount and the dates covered by the payment. Your host family should not require you to pay for more than one month in advance.

Please consult the following pages for additional information before completing the homestay application:

To apply click   FOCUS Homestay Application